Sunday, December 31, 2006

1966 Top One Hundred

Still wondering if there are any more comments about changing the K/mentertainer-survey to correspond with the KFXM survey. The pro and con are about equal at this point. If Imake a change, it will probably happen next week. If I haven't yet heard from you, let me know what you think.
Thank you, Doug

KFXM Top 1 Hundred Records of 1966-December 30, 1966

Cool year end issue of the Tiger Mag. On the cover you get the staff and mannagement. You even get a picture of Charlie Walters who doesn't start jocking until May 1967. The question I have is where is Don McCoy? He has mentioned as a fill in jock in the last few issues, but no picture! Don where were you? Pictures of some of the top artists of the year. A list of all the number one songs.
Top favorites of the year #1 Record Cherish #1 Artist Monkees. Based on Riverside high school poll. Interesting is that a bunch are album tracks.
Top sellers Beatles #1

#1 single of the year Daytripper/We Can Work It Out-The Beatles. Cher's Bang Bang made #2 for the year. That is probably the only song in the top ten that still doesn't get regular airplay on oldies stations. Other intersting songs on the top100 #33 Hey Joe by The Leaves #65 Let Love Come Between Us by The Rubber Band #76 Follow Me by Lyme & Cybelle #88 Feeling Sad & Lonely-Bush. A lot of songs that are differen tthan the typical 1966 top 100.
They did not print the weekly top forty, so based on the next week's number listing for LAST WEEK, here is the top 40 and listed below are the songs that fell off and the likely songs that may have been the missing numbers.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

K/mentertainer April 22, 1966

Mamas & Papas #1 again. Only new entry in the top ten Rhapsody In The Rain-Lou Christie at #10 Brand new this week Dirty Water by the Standells. Heard that after they recorded the song, they didn't play it again until it became a hit. So they had to learn it all over again! Love that song!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

More Southern California Radio

If you want more than San Bernardino/Riverside/Inland Empire Radio try Bill Earl's site. for When Radio Was Boss. Besides KFXM and K/MEN he also covers KHJ, KRLA, KFWB, KCBQ, KEWB, KFRC and just about any California Station Top 40 he knows anything about. He even leaves the state once in awhile.
In the last few days he has put up a lot of "Boss" information and pictures.
Go and enjoy yourself!

Monday, December 25, 2006

KFXM Tiger Mag December 23, 1966

Merry Chistmas everyone! Back in 1966 they did say happy holidays! There is a Night Before Christmas take off inside. Here we go with all of KFXM staff and their autographs printed up on the cover of the Tiger Mag. And to celebrate Chistmas, it's green and white!
Righteous Brothers and the The New Vaudeville Band get articles this week.
I'm A Believer/Steppin' Stone stepping into the #1 spot.
Wassail Song by Ottos Organization debuting at #28. My favorites of the new songs this week. I'm A Boy-Who/ Dead End Street-Kinks/ Niki Hoekey-P.J. Proby

Sunday, December 24, 2006

K/mentertainer April 15, 1966

Still taking comments if the K/MEN folders should continue in this same order, or run the same week as the KFXM (40 years ago today) or any other suggestions. #1 Mamas & Papas Monday Monday Ad for the Byrds concert at Swing Auditorium

Monday, December 18, 2006

1970s KMEN Tyrone The Frog

When Chuck "Huckleberry" Clemons came back to K/men in the 1970s, he brought Tyrone The Frog with him. Unfortunely Huckleberry didn't stay long and headed back to San Diego where Tyrone became the San Diego chicken. Tyrone stayed at K/MEN on the morning show, and even had a KMEN record put out about him. One side was "I'm In Love With A Big Blue Frog" ( was Tyrone Blue?) The flip side had morning show bits. I think this was 1974 or 1975.

K/MEN Survey Suggestion

Anonymous said...
If the collections will support it how about time-shifting the run of KMEN surveys so that they will be in sync, more or less, on a week to week basis with KFXM? I think this 40 year flashback run is great.
John fron Fontana (back then)
Mon Dec 18, 10:36:32 PM PST

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...
The problem is that at the end of 1966 KMEN started putting out an eight page newspaper. If I did that, I proabably would only be able to to do the survey section, which covered two pages plus the cover page.

Readers give me your opinion.
Contiue the K/MEN surveys as is, or match the date with the KFXM surveys. Right now I only have time to do one or the other.
Mon Dec 18, 10:46:23 PM PST

Saturday, December 16, 2006

KFXM Tiger Mag December 16, 1966

The Goldmine contest winners have been announced and listed on the front page. Do you know any of them? In the ED GRrrrrr SEZ there is a interesting note. A mention of Don McCoy subbing for Bill Surrey. This was a coupleof years before he became a regular on KFXM!!!
Bits & Pieces have Great Britain voting the Beach Boys over the Beatles as the world's outstanding vocal group! Also interesting that Jeff Beck is leaving the Yardbirds and a comment that "The future of group member Jimmy Page remains in doubt." Cliff Richard also took top vocalist away from John Lennon.

Yardbirds knocked out of number one by The Royal Guardsmen-Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron and the Monkees at #2 with I'm A Believer/Steppin' Stone.
Frank Sinatra is #5 with That's Life right in between The Seeds-Pushing Too Hard and The Bush-Who Killed The Ice Cream Man

K/mentertainer April 8, 1966

Soul & Inspiration #1 again. Rainy Day Woman #12 and 35 by Bob Dylan making its debut. Where did he get that title?
Looks like Buddy Budnik gave away Lucky Bannanas. Anyone win banannas. Anyone know the story behind this contest?

Monday, December 11, 2006

KFXM Tiger Mag

A personal story about the December 9, 1966 Tiger Mag issue.

In 1967, probably about 5-6 months after the issue shown in the last posting came out, I took this particular issue to school. (why, I don't remember) While in my Jr. High science class someone wanted to see it, and then it continued to be passed around the classroom. What I remember were the comments about how old this issue was, and the old songs listed on the survey. This was less than a year latter!! I guess when you're that age 6 months is forever.

PS I was also worried about getting it back, or having the teacher taking it away, but it did get back to me.


Sunday, December 10, 2006

KFXM Tiger Mag December 9, 1966

Good Yardbirds article. Once again they have the #1 song of the week
Picture of The Bush and the lyrics to Who Killed The Ice Cream Man? Debuting at #40 Harmonica Man-The Torquays

Someone tell me. Is there anyone out there that can tell me what happened to and webmaster John Bunnell?

Why is it "off the air"?

It was everything you would want in a website dedicated to KFXM. Does anyone know????

Saturday, December 02, 2006

KFXM Tiger Mag December 2, 1966

Another "Jocko" cover of the Tiger Mag. Appears to be a mistake in second headline. I would think 'LADY GODIVA' 'RIDES ATOP FAB FORTY means it's the numbr one song this week. WRONG! Happenings Ten Years Ago by the Yardbirds is the #1 song. Also interesting Flashbacks -1 Year Ago The Yardbirds had the number one dong with Still I'm Sad/ I'm A Man.

Great top ten. Besides the Yardbirds being #1 The Bush and The Whatt Four are also in the top ten. Smashed! Blocked! by John's Children is a personal pick. A really loud punk psychodelic song that was played a lot on both KFXM and K/MEN.

K/mentertainer March 25, 1966

New #1 this week Soul & Iinspiration-Righteous Brothers.New songs in the Top 10 Baby, Scratch My Back-Slim Harpo and Jicks-Paul Revere & The Raiders Some great new songs new on the chart this week Sloop John B-Beach Boys, a track from the forthcoming Pet Sounds LP. Eight Miles High-The Byrds, Loves Made A Fool Of You-Bobby Fuller 4, My Little Red Book-Love
The Orange Show this year had K/MEN involved with the Camel Race and the Ostrich Race.