Saturday, October 28, 2006

KFXM October 28, 1966

Halloween 40 years ago. #1 This week Good Vibrations-Beach Boys

New songs on the survey this week

Mellow Yellow-Donovan Followup to "Sunshine Superman" supposed to be Paul McCartney doing the whispers in the song
Time After Time-Chris Montez No this is not the Cindy Lauper song. Anyone else that had hits that sang so off key?
Hazy Shade of Winter-Simon & Garfunkel Wasn’t a very big hit, but big enough to get remade by the Bangles in 1987.
Knock On Wood-Eddie Floyd Another song that was remade (disco version) by Amii Stewart.
Fifi The Flea-Sidekicks Don’t know what to say about this one
A Man And A Woman-Tamiko Jones Never heard this, but I believe it was the theme from the movie of the same title.
New debuts on the fabulous forty
#40 ESP-Rain I’m not sure if this was a a garage band song, but somewhere along the way someone told me it was.
#39 Every Day & Every Night-The Trolls Is this a reworking of All Day And All the Night by the Kinks with alittle Gloria thrown in? Group was from Chicago.
#27 Society’s Child-Janis Ian Huge hit in the Inland Empire. Making a social statement, but when is the last time you’ve heard this on the radio.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

K/mentertainer February 18, 1966

The Batman craze has taken hold. New at #7 Batman theme-Neil Hefti, the K/Men Batmobile, and even Bernard standing on top of the Batmobile wearing a Bat mask and cape. #1 again this week Nancy Sinatra-These Boot Are Made For Walking. NEW K/MENTRIES this week include 19th Nervous Breakdown-Rolling Stones and some destined not to be heard for long such as Falling sugar-Palace Guard, Big Time-Lou Christie, Don't Wait Up For Me Mama-Billy Joe Royal.

Monday, October 23, 2006

KFXM Top 10 October 21, 2006

#10 If I Were A Carpenter-Bobby Darin The last big hit by Bobby, written by Tim Hardin. Did you know that Tim Hardin only hit "Simple Song Of Freedom" (not a huge hit nationally-but top 5 on KFXM) was written by Bobby Darin?
#9 That's The Way It's Gonna Be-Lee Mallory I know this was on Valiiant Records, but not much else about this song, except I don't think it even charted nationally.
#8 Girl On A Swing-Gerry & The Pacemakers The last hit for this British invasion group. This was played so much I got tired of it real quickly.
#7 Let Love Come Between Us-Rubber Band This was a catchy pop tune more suitable for the summer of 1967. James & Bobby Purify seemed to know it, they charted with this same song in 1967.
#6 96 Tears-? & The Mysterians A smash erywhere. KFXM was no exception.

The top 5 songs are some of my favorite songs. Of course changing depending on what I feel like listening to.

#5 Good Vibrations-Beach Boys How much did it cost to make this record? It has been interesting to hear the outtakes and works in progress, but the hit single is still the best.
#4 Walk Away Renee-Left Banke Haven't got tired of this song yet. Didn't some of this group end up in the 70s group Stories?
#3 B-A-B-Y-Carla Thomas In 1966 I spent some of my precious money on this single. Everybody thought I was crazy, but I really like it. Much better than "Gee Whiz" (at least in my opinion)
#2 I'm Your Puppet-James & Bobby Purify This has been played so much on the radio, I'm almost getting tired of it.
#1 Poor Side Of Town-Johnny Rivers King of the remakes. He made number one with one of his own songs. Johnny Rivers one of my favorite artists, and is still recording. The albums he has put out in the last few years are good, and would not be a disappoinment to Johnny Rivers fans. There is a new 2 CD greatest hits on his own label, with most of his original hits on the first CD from Imperial/United Artists, plus some gems of later songs and unreleased recordings on the second CD

Well for the first time (and maybe the last) my comments of the KFXM top 40.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

KFXM Survey 10/21/2006 continued

#24 I Just Don't Know What To Do-Dionne Warwick A minor hit among some really big hits. I don't remember ever hearing this song on the radio.
#23 Open The Door To Your Heart-Darrell Banks It does sound like a Dean Martin title, but has a lot more soul than Dino. Pretty big hit in the Inland Empire.
#22 All I See Is You-Dusty Springfield Nice song, but not a big hit for Dusty.
#21 You Keep Me Hanging On-Supremes Debuting this week, and headed to the top nationally. Tops out at #3 on KFXM. Wait a couple years and hear the unexpected version by Vanilla Fudge
#20 Look Through My Wnidow-Mamas & Papas They have another one the charts, should have been a bigger hit
#19 Black Is Black-Los Bravos Loved this song in 1966. Until recently have heard it a regular basis. Group formed in Spain. Lead singer Mike Kennedy (from Germany) had a minor solo hit in the 70s with "Louisiana"
#18 Baby, Do The Philly Dog-Olympics Yes this is the same group that did "Western Movies" in the 50s, which was their first hit. This was their last hit, and the the flip side was another version of "Western Movies".
#17 Don't Let Me Sleep Too Long-Myddle Class Saw this song listed on the survey. Always wanted to hear it. Even requested it, but never did hear it. And it almost made the top ten on KFXM.
#16 Dandy-Herman's Hermits This was written by Ray Davies of the Kinks, and Peter Noone got attached to it. Sounds like a typical Herman's Hermit song.
#15 What Becomes Of the Broken Hearted?-Jimmy Ruffin For the longset time was my favotite Motown song.
#14 Winchester Cathedral-New Vaudeville Band Highest Debut of the week. It did not make to #1 on KFXM like it did nationally. I thought it was interesting at the time. I think it still gets played once or twice a year.
#13 Go Away Little Girl-Happenings A group that made thier career on remakes. Also a song that would be remade again by Donny Osmond.
#12 Talk Talk-Music Machine WOW! I think this song is less than two minutes long. But it 's great. This is in my top 5 favorite garage hits of the 1960s
#11 Have You Seen Your Mother Baby Standing In The Shadows?-Rolling Stones Strange title, but one of the best Stones songs. Radio needs to play this sometimes instead of "Jumping Jack Flash" or "Paint It Black" the top 10...

Saturday, October 21, 2006

KFXM fabulous 40 Survey-October 21, 1966

The previous posting has a very good top 40 survey that I rememer listening to a lot and hearing most on KFXM. So I thought I would comment on each entry.

Gary Marshall Behind The Door-Cher---Sorry this Cher song is one I'm not familiar with and never did hear on the radio
Al Anthony There's Nothing Else On My Mind-Barry McGuire Not a hit, but I'm familiar with the Cashman-Pistilli-West version, which I really like. And I also believe the Mamas & Papas backed Barry on this record.
Bill Surrey My Girl The Month Of May-Dion & The Belmonts Could someone tell me about this song? I've never heard it
Barry Boyd I'm Ready For Love-Martha & The Vandellas not their biggest hit, but one of my favorites Martha Reeves.
Dick Lyons She Digs My Love-Sir Douglas Quintet Another flop for SDQ. The personal picks weren't doing too good
Danny Dare Lady Godiva-Peter & Gordon Well at least on of the Personal Picks will be a hit. Thank you Danny Dare

#40 Secret Love-Billy Stewart Debut of the followup to "Summertime". I do like Billy Stewart's music.
#39 Love Is A Hurting Thing-Lou Rawls This was his first big hit
#38 See See Rider-Animals I've heard a few vesrions of this songs, and I like this one the best. Why doesn't oldies radio play this anymore?
#37 Why Pick On Me-Standells Great garage rocker from the band that gave us "Dirty Water".
#36 Stop Stop Stop-Hollies One of the best British invasion groups. I bought a copy of this song at Harris'
#35 With A Girl Like You-Troggs The soft sound for the group that gave us "Wild Thing". They'll be back with Love Is All Around a similiar sounding song
#34 Baby What I Want-Barbara Lewis The singer who brought you "Make Me Your Baby" and "Baby I'm Yours". Those were great, but I haven't heard this one.
#33 All That I Am-Elvis Presley Elvis wasn't being played very much in 1966. The flip side of this single was the movie title track "Spinout".
#32 You Are She-Chad & Jeremy Good song by Chad & Jeremy. The album this song was from (Distant Shores) is one of my favorites. I actually have a copy on CD.
#31 Melody For An Unknown Girl-Unknowns Never heard this song, know nothing about it.
#30 Reach Out, I'll Be There-Four Tops One of their biggest hits, and one of their most played records. I heard it on the radio yesterday (...and today).
#29 Cherish-Association Their first smash of many to come.. A lot differerent from "Along Comes Mary".
#28 Who Am I?-Petula Clark Not one of her best, and people seem to agree by not buying very many copies.
#27 Rain On The Roof-Lovin' Spoonful. Such a good song. Would not turn it off if I heard it on the radio.
#26 Little Man-Sonny & Cher They kept trying. They would have a few more flops before "The Beat Goes On".
#25 Great Airplane Strike-Paul Revere & The Raiders Really different style for them. This song may have been a bigger hit in 1967 when Pschodelic songs were more popular. Could this have been the first psychodelic sounding hit? Can anyone think of another one?
To be continued...

KFXM October 21, 1966

Monkees Car on the cover. Interesting mention inside that The Monkees are revealed not to play their own instruments! I didn't remember that information being revealed this early in the show. I guess it didn't decrease their popularity. Their next hit in a couple of months is I'm A Believer/Steppin' Stone
Pictures at remotes at Sages. I didn't go to these remotes but I have been at Sages record departments. Usually their record prices were a little higher than I could afford at the time. I bought a couple of oldies 45rpms at Sages that I just had to havein late 1966 or early 1967 for $.88 Gloria-Them and Satisfaction-Rolling Stones
#1 Poor Side of Town-Johnny Rivers

Thursday, October 19, 2006

K/mentertainer February 11, 1966

John Ravencroft 1st picture. New import from England to K/MEN. Bob Griffin is gone. Soon he will turn up over at KFXM. John never did get a caricuture like the other K/MEN. Coming soon pictures only! Nancy Sinatra These Boots Are Made For Walking taking over the #1 position. Compare thie number of songs listed here to last weeks issue. About 1/3 of them have been eliminated. Did K/MEN cut back on their playlist in February 1966?

Sunday, October 15, 2006

KFXM October 14, 1966

#1 again this week B-A-B-Y-Carla Thomas. Couple great songs debuting on the fabulous forty this week #21 Good Vibrations-Beach Boys #23 Talk Talk-Music Machine Rolling Stones picture contest this week---Oops! I gave it away!
Interesting article on James Brown this week. Anyone remember he had a radio show on XERB?
Britian's top twenty has Jim Reeves at #1 followed by I'm A Boy by The Who
Danny Dare's personel pick Every Day And Every Night by The Trolls. I don't remember hearing that one on KFXM

Friday, October 13, 2006

K/MEN February 1966

New DJs still a mystery on the K/mentertainer. The morning guy will be later revealed as John Ravencroft (John Peel) and the late night guy Johnny Darin.
#1 this week Californis Dreamin'-Mamas & Papas. New at #6 You Baby-Turtles and #10 It's Magic/Don't Forget About Me-Barbara Lewis

Friday, October 06, 2006

KFXM October 7, 1966

The cover is a week late. 96 Tears was #1 last week. This week is BABY-Carla Thomas. 96 Tears is down to #2. Debuting at #6 this week Dandy-Herman's Hermits. One of my favorites from 1966 is moving down the charts Get Away by Georgie Fame at #32 Pictures of Al Anthony, Bob Griffen, Al Barnett and Barry Boyd inside the Ttiger Mag

We have a winner. JOCKO is the name of the Tiger Mascot and the winner is Jack R. Johnson

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

K/mentertainer January 28, 1966

#1 song this week Love (Makes Me Do FoolishThings)-Martha & The Vandellas New songs in the top ten this week by the Kinks, Ray Charles, Dionne Warwick & Stevie Wonder. Special note: This is the last week for Huckleberry and Bill Watson. Next week their pictures will be gone. The last of the original K/MEN--March 1962 through January 1966. Couple new entries this week about Batman. Neil Hefti-Batman Theme and Batman & Robin by the Spotlights.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

more KOLA info

Article praising how wonderful automated radio was and the wave of the future. KOLA is now live with DJs. Much better. FM in the 1970s was becoming very popular with Stereo sound. Beautiful music and classical music stations may work well this way. But disc jockeys live on the air are a big part of rock and roll radio, or any type of popular music radio,
KOLA-The POP sound of the Inland Empire!

Monday, October 02, 2006

KFXM Correspondence

Back in the sixties when I won contests on KFXM there was often a promotional note of some activity from the DJ from whomI won. The one shown here is a "Bob B. Blue Giz Club" (Sorry, don't have any other details) The second was a personal note in response to a letter I wrote to Johnny Kaye. I don't remember what my request was, but he passed it on to Chris Roberts.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

KOLA The New Kid In Town

In the late 1960s, early 1970s there was a new top 40 station in town. An FM station KOLA 99.9. It was an automated station. There were no DJs. Just music, commercials. I didn't really listen to the station very often. I did collect the surveys, when I could find them. The earlist I have August 12, 1970.
A monthlater they produced a survey very similar to th 1960s KHJ surveys. No DJs. They wouldn't have any until they became an oldies station. I'm not sure when that was. Was it the late 1970s, 1980s? On both KFXM and KMEN it was Make It With You-Bread and Aint No Mountain High Enough.
The number one songs these weeks were Signed, Sealed Delivered-Stevie Wonder and Aint No Mountain High Enough-Diana Ross