Sunday, August 31, 2008

K/mentertainer August 31, 1962

Sherry-Four Seasons #1
#4 Monster Mash-Bobby "Boris" Pickett Highest debut, and it's two months from Halloween. It's a summer hit!
Popeye and Olive Oil-Ray Stevens Still listed as an album cut, don't think it ever was a single
Come On little Angel-Belmonts
Popeye The Hitchhiker-Chubby Checker

Saturday, August 30, 2008

K/men Labor Day Rewound KMEN129.COM

Listen to Classic K/men Airchecks
Would you like to hear some K/men airchecks? Tune in on Labor Day, starting at Noon!
William F. Williams
Bill Watson
Johnny Helm
Dave McCormick
Tom Becker
Harley Davidson
Mark Olson

KFXM Tiger Mag August 30, 1968

The stack of 45s someone will win, surrounded by Jim Conniff,Don McCoy, Dick Lyons and Charlie Walters
Picture of Steppenwolf at the Swing Auditorium
On The Road Again-Canned Heat #1
Wouldn't you know it. Highest debut Hey Jude/Revolution-The Beatles #4

Bubblegum debut 1-2-3 Redlight-1910 Fruitgum Company
First hit by Creedence Clearwater Revival-Susie Q

Chipping away one more time......


Here's the transcript about from the California Aircheck video of that
K/MEN reunion where the first song was discussed:

Bill Watson: Someone asked me what the first record played
on K/MEN was. I can't remember. (PAUSE) "One little kiss and a lot of
lovin'," by Gene McDaniels "Chip, Chip." Huckleberry was the first voice on
the radio at K/MEN in 1962. He and I talked about what record to play, but
we weren't looking for the hippest record on the planet. Because what we
talked about was that the competition was huge and had a 50 share and we need
to chip away at 'em. And I said, play "Chip, chip" baby.
Chuck Clemans: We knew the only way we could do it was to
sit down and start laying some pipe.
William F. Williams: (Laughs) And boy, did we lay some pipe.
Chuck Clemans: I didn't mean that in a sexual sense.
William F. Williams: Neither did I.
Bill Watson: Of course not. And that's what we did
and that's why we got "Chip, Chip."

Friday, August 29, 2008

KFXM and K/men August 28-29, 1970

A new program American Top 40 every Sunday 9 to noon on K/men with Casey Kasem
Also Elvis tours! Signed, Sealed and Delivered-Stevie Wonder #1
Highest debut #22 Get Up-James Brown

Hit Bound

Neanderthal Man-Hotlegs

and one of my favorites Alone Again Or-Love

Bruce Chandler about the time he started on K/men

The guys at KFXM at Thom McAn including Johnny Kaye Signed Sealed Delivered also #1 on KFXM
Highest Debut Patches-Clarence Carter

Jim Pipkin, the new KFXM Broadcast Apprentice
Anyone go to the announced Santana and Bread concert Sept 20, 1970?

Thursday, August 28, 2008

KFXM and K/men August 23, 1963

Beach Boys Rule! #1 Surfer Girl/Little Deuce Coupe on both K/men and KFXM
Highest debut #9 Martian Hop-Ran-dells
What is Yellow Summer-Tupper Saussy?
and one you've heard of Honolulu Lulu-Jan & Dean

Highest KFXM debut #6 If I Had A Hammer-Trini Lopez
Steve Alaimo has #32 Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying Is this the same song Gerry & The Pacemakers will have out next year?

#56 The Drummer Plays For Me-Hal Blaine He will be inducted into the San Bernardino Route 66 Hall Of Fame this year
In the notice at the bottom it states to pick up the KFXM coloring book. Anyone out there know anything about that? Does a copy of that exist?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

K/mentertainer August 24, 1968

The Rolling Stones with their new single Street Fighting Man
On The Road Again-Canned Heat also a big mover on K/men #1 from #23
Highest debut I Got To Get A Message To You-Bee Gees #20
Ht Bound
Lady Madonna-Fats Domino
Indian Reservation-Don Fardon a few years before The Raiders #1 version
Fire-Arthur Brown one of the Most Requested, but not even on the survey?????

Monday, August 25, 2008

The First on K/men

I received an answer to question: Which came first Chip Chip or Johnny Angel?
Also the source of the answer is:
A scan of the video mentioned below from 1997. A reader sent me an email and said,
"There's no question about which song was the first one played on KMEN.
it's easy to verify.
During one of the KMEN Reunions -- the one where various KMEN sat
around in
groups of two or three and talked on the air -- Watson and Clemans
the fact that they chose "Chip, Chip" as the first song because that's
the intended to do to KFXM's ratings. The conversation was videotaped
and is
available from California Airchecks."

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chip Chip? or Johnny Angel?

Someone has made a comment about what was the first song played on K/men in March 1962.
I've heard an aircheck of Huckleberry stating that it was Chip Chip, and that the reasoning for playing that song first was that they wanted to chip away at KFXM's ratings.
The comment below stated he heard from Bill Watson? that it was Johnny Angel. I know Johnny Angel was the first number one song listed the K/mentertainer (See March of this year for a picture).
Are there any comments from people who were there, or heard the opening broadcast?
Tim Perrin has left a new comment on your post "K/men returns 3/10/2008":

You say the first song on KMEN was Chip Chip. I beg to differ.
As I recall, it was Johnny Angel by Shelly Fabres to kick off Huckleberry's show at 6:00 a.m. Of course, I'm quite willing to be wrong and I wasn't listening but remember hearing this second hand (from Bill Watson?) but that's my recollection.
I was a quick convert to KMEN right from the get go. My friends and I wired the governors on the dials on our phones so we could dial the contest number more quickly (681-1291) and just hit the return once for the ones. It got so we'd win so many contests they wouldn't put us on the air any more, just give us the movie passes. I don't think I paid for a movie throughout high school. (Ramona, '67).
But I also remember the first night I heard KFXM. I was eight and my folks were out with some friends of theirs so I was bunked in with the friends' 15-year-old. He had on Gary Price's show and I remember hearing Tequila for the first time.
My exposure to radio at KFXM and KMEN triggered a love affair with the medium that lead to a 15 year career that started at UCR's campus station, then to KPRO in Riverside, KFRC-FM in San Francisco, and KSJO and KPSJ in San Jose before I moved to British Columbia and switched from being a DJ to news. And it was all because of guys like Huckleberry, William F. Williams, Bill Watson, Brian Lord, Mark Denis (with whom I stayed in contact for years, R.I.P.) and Gary Price (whom I ended up working with when I was at KFRC-FM in San Francisco and he was also with RKO). Lots of fond memories, here. Thanks. Tim Perrin

K/mentertainer August 24, 1962

Four Seasons First #1 hit Sherry
Highest debut #4 I Remember You-Frank Ifield Noticed by a reader #1 is a higher debut than #4, probably the first time . New
Monster Mash-Bobby "Boris" Pickett A song that will last forever, if now only during Halloween
He's A Rebel-Vikki Carr looks like she gets first play of this song on K/men
Ray Stevens followup to Ahab The Arab is Popeye & Olive Oil I guess it didn't have the hook as Ahab did
There's an exclusive on Brian Lord's Elvis Presley interview. Anyone know anything about it?

Saturday, August 23, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag August 23, 1968

Iron Butterfly coming to The Swing Auditoium August 28th....1968
It took two weeks for Canned Heat to #1 Iron Butterfly, Canned Heat and Gary Lewis & The Playboys?
Dirty Don McCoy, long before debuting his new station KWIE 93.5

Ed Grrrrr SEZ...
Looks like Jonny Bruce is having problems with contests again. They just wouldn't leave you alone Jonny!

On The Road Again-Canned Heat #1
Highest debut Time Has Come Today-Chambers Brothers #29
Fire-Crazy World of Arthur Brown new this week
Also a new one from the Rolling Stones-Street Fighting Man

Friday, August 22, 2008

KFXM and K/men August 21-22, 1970

Make It With You-Bread #1 Highest debut Julie, Do You Love Me?-Bobby Sherman #26 New
As The Years Go By-Mashmakham Did anyone like this song? I couldn't stand it.

One of the most requested I Heard It Through The Grapevine-Creedence Clearwater Revival Not a single at the time, but I remember it was played constantly.
KFXM #1 In The Summertime-Mungo Jerry Highest debut Cracklin' Rosie-Neil Diamond #26
The KFXM "crew" in the Sunnymead Days Parade

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

KFXM and K/men August 16, 1963

Surfer Girl/Little Deuce Coupe-Beach Boys #1
Matian Hop-Randells big jump from #28 to #2 If it wasn't for the Beach Boys it would have been at the top.
Highest debut Monkey Time-Major Lance #23 followed closely by Mickey's Monkey-Miracles #27 New I Can't Stay Mad At You-Skeeter Davis sounding a lot like a Neil Sedaka song.

Surfer Girl-Beach Boys #1
Highest debut My Babe-Righteous Bros #6
New I Want To Stay Here-Steve & Eydie, actually a very good song.

Monday, August 18, 2008

K/mentertainer August 17, 1968

1968 Entertainment, books, movies, Disney, Elvis

#1 People Got To Be Free-Rascals

#27 In-A Gadda-Da-Vida-Iron Butterfly debuting in the top 30, also one of the most requested
New Six Man Band-Association trying to go in tghe rock & roll direction

Sunday, August 17, 2008

From Radio To Television-Engineer Bill

Sad news for kids of 50's television. Engineer Bill Stulla has died at the age of 97.

Some links for those who are interested.

K/mentertainer August 17, 1962

The Locomotion-Little Eva #1
Two huge hits debut this week
Do You Love Me-Contours and Sherry-Four Seasons
Listed as the winners of the Walk Back and Forth Chuck Clemans and William F. Williams

back of same issue, but from different source-that's why color is different. Original color is closer to the green tone

Saturday, August 16, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag August 16, 1968

Vogues Cover Story

Under BITS & PIECES, the deScription of the new Beatles single just doesn't sound right.

Hey Jude "'s a slow blues with a soul sound..."

Revolution "...this is a slow rocker..."

People Got To Be Free-Rascals #1 Big jump for Gary Lewis-Sealed With A Kiss from #12 to #3
Highest debut #12 On The Road Again-Canned Heat
New personal picks The Time Has Come (Time Has Come Today)-Chambers Bros Street fighting Man-Rolling Stones also my favorite new song Baby Come Back-Equals
The Weight-The Band and Shannon (actually Jackie DeShannon) The Band won.

Friday, August 15, 2008

"Dirty" Don McCoy

Don McCoy with his new radio station.
Dave via Bill Earl sent me the clipping of the article.
If you want to read it online another friend Dave sent me the site to go to