Friday, February 27, 2009

KFXM February 26, 1960

Theme From A Summer Place-Percy Faith #1
Highest debut White Silver Sands-Bill Black's Combo #38
#40 Everybody-Gary Faulkaner & The Hightowers. Anyone know, if this is the same song Tommy Roe will have out in 1963? New El Pizza-Dudley a parody of El Paso
A song I've liked Cloudy Summer Afternoon-Bud & Travis
I Wanna Go Home-Jackie DeShannon

KFXM and K/men February 26, 1971

This will be the last K/mentertainer/surveyuntil May. (anyone have any K/men surveys for March/April 1971?) Did they stop here, or did I miss a few?
Dave Sebastion joins the K/men Amazing Grace-Judy Collins #1 , falling from 10 to 20 on the KFXM chart.
Highest debut No Love At All-B.J Thomas #28
Eighteeen-Alice Cooper
Stay Awhile-Bells
A Rose By Any Other Name-Drifters
What Is Life-George Harrison
K/MEN lineup Jim Quinn Mark Ford Bruce Chandler Scott Segraves Joe Angel Bob Brooks
KFXM One Bad Apple-Osmonds #1
Highest debut No Love At All-B.J Thomas #25
Another Day-Paul McCartney
Girl I've Got News For You-Mardi Gras

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

K/mentertainer Febuary 22, 1969

Time Of The Season-Zombies #1
Highest debut Try A Litle Tenderness-Three Dog Night #26
Don't Forget About Me-Dusty Springfield

Monday, February 23, 2009

KFXM and K/men February 21, 1964

Special K/men Beatle issue. They have arrived
It Loves You/I Want o Hold Your Feeler/I Saw It Sitting There-Beatles #1
#2 Please Fleas Me-Beatles
Check out all the titles and artists, one or the other has been changed, on most of the songs listed.
Highest debut Suscorpian-Terry Stafford #5
Understand Your Bug-Johnny Cash
Beatle haircuts for everybody!
I Want To Hold Your Hand-Beatles #1
Highest debut From Me To You-Beatles #24
Hideawy-Brenton Wood a few years before he makes the national charts

Saturday, February 21, 2009

KFXM Tiger Mag February 21, 1969

Looks like I won something on the Big Buddy Bag Contest, at least my name was in the contest winner list, along with my brother Dennis Calgaro. I don't remember getting a customized KFXM pen. Maybe this is the first time I noticed this. Then again, maybe I didn't care about a pen in 1969.
But You Know I Love You-First Edition #1 Doing so much better than it did nationally on the KFXM chart.
Highes debut Long Line Rider-Bobby Darin #23
Jones Boys Picks
Maybe Tomorrow-Iveys soon to become Badfinger
Everybodys Got Something To Hide But Me and My Monkey-Fats Domino

Friday, February 20, 2009

KFXM February 19, 1960

Theme From A Summer Place-Percy Faith #1
Highest debut Puppy Love-Paul Anka #32
Surprise in the top ten Honey Love-Narvel Felts #9
Love You So-Ron Holden always like that song. Flip side is really good My Babe
Did that ever get played on the radio? New "WAX TO WATCH"
Dear Johnny-Sandra Dee
It's A Good Day/Music Of Home-Bing Crosby
Time and The River-Nat King Cole
The Bug-Kay Starr

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

KFXM February 19, 1971

One Bad Apple-Osmonds #1
Highes debut What Is Life?-George Harrison #25
A blurb mentions a picture of Al Adams is coming to the Tiger Tune Sheet alng with Johnny Kaye & Doug Collins (whom we've seen).

New One Toke Over The Line-Brewer & Shipley

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

K/mentertainer Febuary 15, 1969

All the K/men on the cover. Iron Butterfly in Concert
Proud Mary-CCR #1
Highest debut Witchi Tai To-Everything Is Everything #24
Tear Drop City-Monkees
Jupiter Child-Steppenwolf

Sunday, February 15, 2009

KFXM and K/men February 14, 1964

I Want To Hold Your Hand-Beatles #1
Highest debut She Loves You-Beatles #10 New
Kissin' Cousins-Elvis Presley

#1 Beatles again I Saw Her Standing There/I Want To HoldYour Hand/She Loves You

Two debuts Stop & Think It Over-Dale & Grace #9 and Fun Fun Fun-Beach Boys #10

Anyone know Anne Bach who won Huckleberry's "Abigail Beecher" Teacher of The Year Award?


All I Had To Do Chris & Kathy
Needles & Pins-Searchers
Hippy Hippy Shake-Swinging Blue Jeans

Saturday, February 14, 2009

KFXM Tiger Mag February 14, 1969

Happy Valentine's Day issue Iron Butterfly

Proud Mary-Creedence #1
Highest debut Try A Little Tenderness-Three Dog Night #23
Day After Day-Shango For those that don't remember, the earthquake song.
Long Line Rider-Bobby Darin This will be a huge hit in the Inland Empire, other places, not so much.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

KFXM February 12, 1960

"Summer Place" Theme (Theme From A Summer Place)-Percy Faith #1

Highest debut Wild One-Bobby Rydell #28
Lot of songs with colors in the title Lonely Blue Boy, Pretty Blue Eyes, Run Red Run, Lonely and Blue, Black Orchid. Bobby Vinton had a couple more years before his songs could join this group. New
Lonely Girl's Prayer-Connie & The Cones (An relation to Connie Conehead on Saturday Night Live?)
Love You So-Ron Holden
Puppy Love-Paul Anka
Rawhide-Frankie Laine

When your phone rings, don't say "HELLO", say "It pays to listen to KFXM"
Did anyone ever win one of these contests?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

KFXM February 12, 1971

#1 One Bad Apple-Osmonds
Highest debut Help Me Make It Through The Night-Sammi Smith #27
Don Mann at the pool New
What Is Life-George Harrison

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

K/mentertainer Febuary 8, 1969

Music News by Dave McCormick
Iron Butterfly

New guy Charles Martin
#1 Proud Mary-Creedence
Highest debut Crossroads-Cream #25

New Soul Experience-Iron Butterfly

Sunday, February 08, 2009

KFXM Tiger Mag February 7, 1969

The Boxtops make the cover

Proud Mary-CCR #1
Highest debut I Got A Line On You-Spirit #26

New this week
These Are Not My People-Johnny Rivers The flip side also got played Going Back To Big Sur
Another version of The Letter-TheArbors

KFXM and K/men February 7, 1964

Three #1s this week all by The Beatles I Want To Hold Your Hand/I Saw Her Standing There/She Loves You (which isthe second two are also the highest debut) Please Please Me also debuts #7 New The Way You Do The Things You Do-Temptations
I Only Want To Be With You-Dusty Springfield
There's also The Boy with The Beatle Hair-The Swans

#1 I Want To Hold Your Hand-Beatles
Highest debut Who Do You Love-Sapphires
Only other Beatles is Please Please Me #35
Fun Fun Fun-Beach Boys
Suspician-Terry Stafford

Saturday, February 07, 2009

KFXM February 5, 1971

#1 Rose Garden-Lynn Anderson
Highest debut Amazing Grace-Judy Collins #26
#1 on K/men----that will be a mystery for a few months...
Chuck Clifford spinning the hits
She's A Lady-Tom Jones
Dark Is The Night-Neon (I heard they had something to do with Tommy James)

Friday, February 06, 2009

KFXM February 5, 1960

Still #1 Teen Angel-Mark Dinning
Hiighest debut Theme From A Summer Place-Percy Faith #17 Wax To Watch
Alvin's Harmonica-Chipmunks
Sink The Bismark-Johnny Horton

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

K/mentertainer Febuary 1, 1969

K/men's Constant Bands Happening winners. The band Shylocke and Matthew Goings. According to the article they were to do some recording. So what happened to the winners?
Creedence Clearwater Revival also visited K/men after going over to KFXM

Touch Me-Doors #1
Highest debut Purple Haze-Dion #21
Daddy Sang Bass-Johnny Cash