Monday, April 28, 2008

K/mentertainer April 27, 1968

Sounds like a great concert by Eric Burdon & The Animals. Read the article by T. Michael Jordan Mark Ford in a K/MEN Candid
Concert pictures of the animals concert.
The K/men again demonstrating their writing talents with articles by Robert E. Walker and Dave McCormick
Article about Richard Harris "A Tramp Shining", with quite a few comments about Jimmy Webb
A reprint from Billboard Magazine about the Top Artists on College campus. Including artists playing Rock and Roll, Classical, R & B, Comedy, Pop, Jazz.
From the Beatles and Monkees being #1 and #2, including Leonard Berstein, Elvis Presley, Wes Montgomery, James Brown, Andy Williams to #50 Johnny Rivers. What is missing is country music with the exception of Bobby Gentry (who just had a big top 40 hit)

#1 Love Is All Around-The Troggs
Biggest mover into the top 10 from #22 to #3 The Good, The Bad & The Ugly
Hit Bound
Favorite new song this week
Like To Get To Know You-Spanky & Our Gang

Sunday, April 27, 2008

kmen129 Memorial Day Special

The new Kmentertainer is now posted at and has a few details on the 2008 KMEN Rewound special.

...or just read the statement below


--- In the tradition of WABC/New York and WLS/Chicago, KMEN will visit it's past on Memorial Day.

---Plans are underway for "K/men Rewound", a day long special reliving the glory days of K/men 129 in the 1960's.

---While we have a lot of vintage K/men audio, more is needed. Got some? Jingles, airchecks, and more are wanted. Send mp3 files or information to KMEN. Thank you.

K/mentertainer April 27, 1962

Stranger On The Shore-Mr. Acker Bilk #1 New on K/men
Midnight Blues-Charlie Rich
Comfy 'N Cozy-Conway Twitty
My Heart Is Bleeding-Fats Domino
I'm Not A Bad Guy-The Crickets
How Can I Meet Her/That's Old Fashioned-Everly Brothers

It looks like the artists from the fifties are trying hard to make another hit record. Of this group the Everly Brothers will manage it this time around.

This time I don't have the back of the survey. Next week.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag April 26, 1968

Blue Cheer backstage with Don McCoy, Sherman Mason and Dick Lyons
Jonny Bruce and Dick Lyons get their pictures featured this week.
#1 The Unicorn-Irish Rovers
Highest debut #18 Sky Pilot-Eric Burdon & The Animals

Personal Picks

Mony Mony-Tommy James & The Shondells One of their biggest hits just starting up the charts. The rest did not quite make it.

Friday, April 25, 2008

K/MEN April 25, 1970

The K/men softball team on the cover
Mark Ford and his stock car, and another picture of the K/men "Heavy Hitters" One event I looked forward to each year the K/men Soundathon, where you could vote for your favarites, and hear the countdown on Mememorial Day Weekend VOTE NOW!
I went to a Jethro Tull concert in early 1970 at the Swing Auditorium. This was the concert I was looking forward to. I liked the songs I heard by them on the radio. I wasn't impressed. Either right before, or right after this concert I went to a Three Dog Night concert, and I enjoyed it a lot more. Maybe I just wasn't sophisticated enough for Jethro Tull
More details on "A Date With Johnny Helm" winner Mary Jones.

ABC-Jackson Five #1 for the third week. Much different from the KFXM #1s at thissame time.
Hit Bound
Come Saturday Morning-Sandpipers Another hit for them. Last big hit was 1966's Guantanamera

Thursday, April 24, 2008

KFXM April 24, 1970

I remember picking up this tiger thirty survey, and being really disappointed at the #1 song: The Bells by The Originals. I would have preferred anything else in the top ten being #1.
I just never cared for the song.
Notice #4 is No Sugar Tonight-Guess Who. The flip side American Woman is not even listed. When No Sugar Tonight was taken from the album, it was separated from the medley with New Mother Nature.
Future Hit
Into The Mystic-Johnny Rivers, the Van Morrison song
Anyone remember Crazy Hal from Muntz Stereo?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

K/MEN April 1970

Johnny Helm made the cover. He autographed this for me quite a few years later, at one of the KMEN reunions. A Creedence story for you
Two other interesting stories. The Smother Brothers on ABC in 1970. I remember their 1960s show, but ABC in 1970, I don't remember.

Now this is 1970 and Rowan & Martin wanted to produce vidtape cassettes for the home market. It didn't happen for ten years, but the predictions came true. The only difference is that movies made it big before shows produced for tape.

K/men contest, win a date with Johnny Helm. Weeks to come, see the results of this contest.
Fourth Annual Soundathon coming for Memorial Day Weekend
We have pictures of Joe Angel this week and Johnny Helm. Who are the other K/men?
No picture, but we have Robert E. Walker 6-10am, Dave McCormick 10-1pm, Mark Ford 1-4pm, Tom Becker 4-8pm, Johnny Helm 8-Midnight, Joe Angel All Night Long and Harry Scarborough (Sporadically)
#1 ABC-Jackson Five
#7 has a wrong title for the Ray Stevens song. How about Something Is Beautiful? Someone got it mixed up with Something's Burning.
A lot of interesting Hit Bounds this week. Most weren't hits.
Miss America-Mark Lindsey
Boogie Woogie Country Girl-Southwind (I had won a copy of their album on a contest)
Magical Connection-John Sebastion (should have been a big hit)
Ticket To Ride-Carpenters (Close To You is right around the corner)
Westbound #9-Flaming Ember (My favorite new song at the time)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Al Wilson

I found out the this information about Al Wilson, an Inland Empire artist. Last time I heard about Al Wilson was on the radio in an interview at the 2007 San Bernardino Route 66
I found this at
As The Kmenterainter goes to the web, we just learned Chart Topper and Inland Empire resident Al Wilson died on Monday.
Al, of course is best known for his number one hit "Show And Tell". Al visited KMEN many times over the years. KMEN129.COM's Harley Davidson said, "I was sad to learn of Al's death. It's been a few years since I've seen him but he was a great guy who was nice to everyone he met. He was a fixture in San Bernardino for years, playing more shows there than anyone. I'm happy we got to do some things on KMEN back in the 90's. He'd come to the station from time to time with Brenton Wood to promote a show, or just take phone calls from listeners.
I'll always remember one Sunday night I called him at home after going to a record swap meet in Pasadena. I found a copy of The Snake and wanted to tell him. Al told me Eddie Meka from Laverne and Shirley was looking for that record for some time and put me in touch with him. What I didn't tell Al was I only paid a dime for the single. It didn't matter, I gave the record to Eddie."
Al Wilson was 68 years old. Wilson was scheduled to perform at San Bernardino Valley College as part of the school's "Together" Benefit Concert on May 3 after a performance at Aquinas High School in San Bernardino. The concert will go on as planned and Wilson will be the first inductee into the school's newly established Alliance for the Arts Hall of Fame, said Craig Petinak, director of marketing and public relations for the school. More information on the concert can be obtained by calling (909) 384-8611.

KFXM April 1970

The first year of the 1970s. What was KFXM and K/MEN playing that year?
The djs
Doug Collins
Charlie Walters
Jonny Bruce
Don McCoy
Bob B. Blue
Gary Evans
Pghil Knight (not pictured)
The Beatles have just broken up. Each of the djs have voiced their opinions on the event.
Gary Evans was right. Just took about 25 years.Here is the KFXM survey April 17, 1970.
This was the last year for me in high school, so music was always on at home and in the car.
#1 Brown Paper Bag-Syndicate Of Sound (on Buddha Records). If you didn't listen to KFXM, you probably never heard this song. Being #1 is a mystery to me. Nationally it only got up to #73. The Syndicate of Sound was better known for Little Girl from 1966
Another unusual one is Angel On My Shoulder-Merilee Rush at #13. Better known for Angel Of The Morning
Favorite Future Hit: Get Rady-Rare Earth The single was short (and I bought it new), but the album version took up one side, over 20 minutes.
This and Let It Be-Beatles were the only singles off this survey I remember buying new.
I was starting to buy albums in 1970, and I bought the albums The Guess Who-American Woman, Let It Be-Beatles, Shilo-Neil Diamond, Bridge Over Troubled Waters-Simon & Garfunkel, Deju Vu-Crosvy, Stills & Nash, Cosmo's Factory-Creedence Clearwater Revival. They all had songs from this survey, plus a few other hit singles.
Next: K/MEN April 1970 K/mentertainer.

Monday, April 21, 2008

K/mentertainer April 20, 1968

We have a winner! Magical Mystery Tour Contest
What is amazing, is that three out of four of these 50' rock & roll stars are still alive.
#1 Love Is All Around-Troggs
Biggest jump into the top ten ten Soul Serenade-Willie Mitchell
Hit Bounds
Look To Your Soul-Johnny Rivers. It was as good as any of his other hits
It's My Time Everly Bros. This could have been their chancefor a comeback, but this song didn't catch on.
What The World Needs Now Is Love-Diana Ross & The Supremes I don't remember this song as being a single by them.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

K/mentertainer April 20, 1962

Soldier Boy-Shirelles #1 for the second week
All the way up to #3 Big Bad Ho-Dad-Lord Douglas Byron

New on the K/MEN-DOUS TEN this week
Balboa Blue-Mar-Kets
The Prince-Jackie DeShannon
The One Who Really Loves You-Mary Wells
A blurb on this issue-Jingle along with the K/men...Win a 21" color television set! Keep it on k/men for details..............................anyone know what the details were? How did you jingle along?

New this week

Eight Till Midnight-Dick Dale
Hoo--Ha-Larry Verne. Looks like a followup to Mr. Custer
Thye only part of the copy of the ouside cover I have, so here it is.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

KFXM Tiger April 19, 1968

Charlie Walters at KFXM The Dlefonics

#1 Payboy-Gene & Debe
This week's top ten is very unusual. Half the songs you wouldn't think of as top ten songs. Look at #10 I Got The Feelin'-James Brown. (even though it did make the top ten nationally)
Big jump for Unicorn-Irish Rovers #2
#25 Highest debut in the top 30 Good, Bad and The Ugly-Hugo Montenegro
Personal Picks
Un-Mundo-Buffalo Springfield. I think this was a very unusual song by them to be a single.
Brooklyn Roads-Neil Diamond

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

KFXM and K/MEN 45 Years Ago April 12, 1963

#1 Surfin' USA-Beach Boys on both surveys
I Will Follow Him-Peggy March highest debut #18 "Wax To Watch"
The first chart appearance of The Beatles-Please Please Me (with two t's) officially #41 same week as debut of Another Saturday Night-Sam Cooke

Two new records released on Parkway Records, one will be a hit, one will not.
Oo-Kook-A-Boo-Tip Tops
You Can't Sit Down-Dovells

Also one new song that will get played a lot Killer Joe-Rocky Fellers

Monday, April 14, 2008

K/mentertainer April 13, 1968

Magical Mystery Tour contest
Eric Burdon & The Animals

Honey #1

Highest debut #20 Alone Again Or-Love
How'd We Ever Get This Way-Andy Kim I always liked this song. The first of his hits
Hit Bound sounds
Friends-Beach Boys Different type of song for them, but it is good, and should have been a bigger hit.
You've Still Got A Place In My Heart-Dean Martin Sounds more like 1965 than 1968.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

K/mentertainer April 13, 1962

Soldier Boy-Shirelles, big jump to #1 from #9
#7 Big Bad Ho Dad-Lord Douglas Byron a novelty record with a very Kennedy sounding singer as a surfer boy. This was a local record, and I tought this was Brian Lord, or someone using a play on his name.
Anyone have the facts about Lord Douglas Byron
Anther obscure top ten song #9 Again-4 Col-quettes A lot of new entries on the Honorable K/mention
Walk On With The Duke-The Duke Of Earl on Vee-Jay Records. Is this Gene Chandler?
Such A Night-Vince Everett An Elvis soundalike, with an Elvis movie name.
A lot of familiar artists-Ben E. King,Gene Pitney, Jack Scott, Duane Eddy, Pat Boone, Sandy Nelson coming out with new songs.

Once again, the only part of the outside of the survey I have is the front cover. When I have copies I can only show what I have. When I get to my originals, you'll get the whole thing.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

KFXM Tiger April 12, 1968

Two of the new guys Jimmy Mack and returning Jim Conniff (Jim Crane) Box Tops make the cover

An American Breed picture and article, and an Box Tops article

Playboy-Gene & Debe #1
Something different for the fabolous forty, that I was not happy about. It is now the top thirty, plus ten, plus the personal picks. There wouldn't be a top 40 again until either the late 70's or early 80s on KFXM.

Call Me Lightning-The Who, my favorite new song at the time. I can't explain that.
The artists are switched on the Personal Pick I Will Always Think About You is by The New Colony Six.