Saturday, September 22, 2012

KFXM September 18, 1974

You're Having My Baby-Paul Anka #1
New in the top ten
I Honestly Love You-Olivia Newton-John #7
Another Saturday Night-Cat Stevens #8
Earache My Eye-Cheech & Chong #9
Highest debut
(Latest Release From Caribou LP)-Elton John #25
(also known as The Bitch Is Back)
future hits
Life Is A Rock-Reunion
Tin Man-America
Carefree Highway-Gordon Lightfoot 
Ted Brown-Music Director


Anonymous said...

Amazing they couldn't print the
Bitch word for Elton's new entry.
I think that changes in future
weeks. What about saying on
the air?? That forbidden also??
SO it was 38 years ago today.

Anonymous said...

The Bitch is Back, yeah!
And Doctor Johnny Fever was also fired for saying "Booger" over the air!!!

Anonymous said...

Who was "Ted Brown" Music Director? Did he ever go by another name? What was it?

Lord Darth Rageous said...


The tribute website for "" has been discontinued as of this date when i visited there.

Apparently, the former webmaster/owner, John Bunnell, decided it wasn't worth keeping that website running -- perhaps due to financial considerations.

This represents a real loss of biographical information and historical facts (not to mention all the photographs and other relevant images) for the greater KFXM community-at-large!

Anonymous said...

--I think Ted Brown came from KDES Palm SPrings to KFXM in 1974
--Where is John Bunnell. He's disappeared a few times.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that "" is gone. If it's webmaster saved a copy of it all perhaps it could be resurrected on a free blogger/blogspot site.

Lord Darth Rageous said...

Great idea from Anonymous about trying to revive the classic "tigerradio-kfxm590" website via blogger. but, the clincher is to try and get a hold of the site's original creator, John Bunnell, who is somewhat kind of hard to find these days???

i would volunteer to re-post the site as a blog and maintain it, contingent on Bunnell's availability!

Anonymous said...

According to

Registered through:, LLC (
Created on: 28-Oct-07
Expires on: 28-Oct-17
Last Updated on: 29-Oct-07

Helen Jones
29711 Bonanza Place
Canyon Lake, California 92587
United States

Administrative Contact:
Jones, Helen
29711 Bonanza Place
Canyon Lake, California 92587
United States

Technical Contact:
Jones, Helen
29711 Bonanza Place
Canyon Lake, California 92587
United States

Domain servers in listed order:

CSZ is:

CyberStrategies, Inc
112 Harvard Ave. #88
Claremont, CA 91711-4716

Helen Jones death in February 2011 may complicate ownership and recovery issues.

Lord Darth Rageous said...

Thanks to Anonymous for the current info on the ownership of the "" domain name along with the sad news about Helen Jones passing (i hadn't known about it until your posting).
so yes, it would appear that website registry will be in limbo until Jones' estate is settled.
meanwhile, the fact remains of John Bunnell being the remaining and only source required for someone else to put the old Tiger Radio website back online in a blog format.
i beginning to wonder if John's father, Bob Bunnell (former long-time KFXM Sales Manager) may have also died in the interim, thereby taking his son John's attention towards other critical family-related affairs since that website was taken down????????????

Lord Darth Rageous said...

P.S. -- my belated condolences to any family member, friend, and/or former co-worker out there in Radioland who has keenly felt the passing of Helen Jones. she was and remains, the Grand Lady of Court for Howard Tullis & John Hearne's KFXM/KDUO-FM business operations. Helen was employed practically right from the beginning during the heydays of the Inland Empire's two legendary radio stations until their untimely demise. and she continued keeping KFXM/KDUO 'alive' by her various reunion activities and web contributions even following her retirement.
a wonderful gal who has left her mark upon the broadcasting industry as we all knew it locally.
Helen Jones will be missed by the many who were touched by her adult life's dedication to the on-air media outlets which gave us all so much to remember.

Anonymous said...

Well I guess it's time to get the KFXM website back on the net. Fortunately, I made copies of all the material for the website. Don Mc Coy and Dan Fox(on air as: Danny Dare)are working out the financial end. We are considering to register the Domain Name.I'll have to rearrange to material But it will work.

JohnBerdoo said...

The comments above are being done by John Bunnell. Yes, I'm back!

Anonymous said...

Ted Brown never worked at KDES Palm Springs as far as I know. He came to KFXM from KUDE Oceanside.