Saturday, September 10, 2016

KFXM 1963 Aircheck #2 August 21, 1963 Jack Fleming

A second aircheck from Jack Fleming on KFXM.  The next day August 21, 1963.


Richard Severy said...

having graduated in 1965 from SBVC Telecom, I was a student of Tom Little / Edd Rotthaar/Chuck Cacolla era.
Anybody know whatever happened to Thomas H. Magnason III. DJ at KFXM +or Minus 1967-'69?

Richard Severy
(509)447-3337 (h)

Anonymous said...

Doug Collins KFXM - KMEN Update
A few people have asked about Doug Collins from KFXM and KMEN, so I contacted him and he responded with these emails and pictures. Thank you, Doug!


Always great to be remembered... My 6 1/2 years at KFXM were some of the best of my life... Retired now, and bored... I hear from Bruce Chandler and Ted Brown every once in a while... Received an update from Jim Zippo, who followed me at KFXM and later had the same shift (morning drive) as I had at KMEN.

Here's a photo update ... This was taken Thanksgiving afternoon of last year... I was aboard the Sapphire Princess on the last two days of my annual, (20+ years) cruise to Mexico around the holidays.

Feel free to give out my e-mail address to anyone who asks, unless they sell HerbaLife - Amway - or any MLM product or service.

Hope all is well... Please send me the link to your site... I've switched computers and lost a lot of contacts.


I had a thought about some KFXM/KMEN trivia that came to my attention recently... Nobody probably gives a rats ass, but I thought you might find it interesting.

Jim Zippo got the morning drive shift at KFXM when I went to be PD/AM Drive at KMEN... Later, after several "warm bodies" served time working mornings for Ron Thompson @KMEN, Jim Zippo took over the chair. Jim and I were both considered for the contract to provide Disco Services for the lounge at the Holiday Inn in San Bernardino, the home of KFXM/KDUO-FM. I got the contract and provided those services for a year and a half.

Both our careers ran parallel for a time in the Inland Empire. But, to this date, I have never met Jim in person or talked to him on the phone. We recently exchanged some e-mails but that's been our only direct contact.

Here's a pic (Biz Card) with my real name and e-mail... Feel free to use it if you wish... This was taken in late 2011.


How did I come up withThe Name?

I figured out pretty quickly, back at KVCR at SBVC, that "Magnuson" wasn't a good "Professional" name... When people see it in print they can't pronounce it, they can't spell it when they hear it. they can't remember it... As a name to use on the radio it... it... how can I put it tactfuly... IT SUCKS!

Together with a group of friends, over beer, we decided it should be a one syllable first name and a two syllable last name... It should be easy to say, spell and remember... Afer a few more "brewski's" we agreed on DOUG COLLINS... So, you see... It was another ALCOHOL RELATED ACCIDENT!

Posted by KFXM Tiger Radio and K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room at 10:29 PM