Saturday, February 23, 2008

K/men returns 3/10/2008

If this is difficult to read, go to to make it a little easier. at they are asking for suggestions of the first songto begin the new K/men.
I have a few suggestions
The song that was #1 nationally 3/10/1962 Hey! Baby-Bruce Channel.

The first song played on K/men in 1962 Chip Chip-Gene McDaniels (played to signify K/men wanted to chip away at KFXM's ratings)

Rock Around The Clock-First rock & roll #1.

How about a Beatles song? They were very popular at K/men during the sixties. I'll Be Back seems appropriate

The Rolling Stones-Route 66? K/men was the first to present them in the USA.

Up Up and Away-Fifth Dimension It has K/men and San Bernardino written all over it with Jimmy Webb, the K/men hot air balloon and William F. Williams.

A Beach Boys song. Thier first song Surfin'. K/men strongly supported surf music.

A local hit from San Bernardino...Who Killed The Ice Cream Man?-The Bush, I'm Captured-Good Feelins Harmonica Man-Torquays

How about Break On Through-The Doors?

Go to the website and vote, and let me know your ideas, too.


Anonymous said...

Lots of good ideas there.
Eagerly anticipating the
rebirth of K/Men129.

I found it on the radio on
3/11/1962. What grabbed me was
the many many people they
were putting on the air.
Callers who phoned in requesting
this or that song. Nice gimmick.
Let's hope they can make
their own niche again, much
like it did in the 60s.

Anonymous said...

I discovered K/men on the evening
of 3/10/62. Brian Lord playing"Ginny Come Lately".Loved K/men right from the start!
Bob Harlow

Anonymous said...

I was listening to K/MEN before it was K/MEN, when they were promoing
"the new sound coming". The first time I tuned in on 3/10/62 they were playing a Frank Sinatra song that was popular at the time and I thought...oh,'s not a rock 'n roll format, but of course I was wrong. I have an unscoped hour of the Bill Watson show from June, 1962, taped in the KFXM production studio where I found it one day. Danny Dare

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

Wow! I would love to hear that and get a copy of that aircheck.
I have a half hour unscoped William F Williams aircheck from April 1963.
I could make a cassette or CD of it if you want to trade.
I also have a few snippets of your shows on KFXM from about 1968 or 1969 I could also copy.
Go to the section at the top of my blog and send me an email through there if you're interested.
Thanks, Doug

Tim Perrin said...

You say the first song on KMEN was Chip Chip. I beg to differ. As I recall, it was Johnny Angel by Shelly Fabres to kick off Huckleberry's show at 6:00 a.m. Of course, I'm quite willing to be wrong and I wasn't listening but remember hearing this second hand (from Bill Watson?) but that's my recollection.

I was a quick convert to KMEN right from the get go. My friends and I wired the governors on the dials on our phones so we could dial the contest number more quickly (681-1291) and just hit the return once for the ones. It got so we'd win so many contests they wouldn't put us on the air any more, just give us the movie passes. I don't think I paid for a movie throughout high school. (Ramona, '67).

But I also remember the first night I heard KFXM. I was eight and my folks were out with some friends of theirs so I was bunked in with the friends' 15-year-old. He had on Gary Price's show and I remember hearing Tequila for the first time.

My exposure to radio at KFXM and KMEN triggered a love affair with the medium that lead to a 15 year career that started at UCR's campus station, then to KPRO in Riverside, KFRC-FM in San Francisco, and KSJO and KPSJ in San Jose before I moved to British Columbia and switched from being a DJ to news.

And it was all because of guys like Huckleberry, William F. Williams, Bill Watson, Brian Lord, Mark Denis (with whom I stayed in contact for years, R.I.P.) and Gary Price (whom I ended up working with when I was at KFRC-FM in San Francisco and he was also with RKO).

Lots of fond memories, here. Thanks.

Tim Perrin

Anonymous said...

There's a new posting at this blog (Aug 24, 2008), asking for input about the song. Maybe there be an answer.