Wednesday, July 02, 2014

K/men July 2, 1965

The hits today on K/men in 1965


Anonymous said...

What a great classic survey from 1965. Just a perfect summer selection. Just looking at the titles takes me back to times when everything was simpler and easier. No complications in my life, just listening to my transistor radio on those hot summer days and cruising around town on my bike.

Anonymous said...

And if it was a bike trip to check for the latest comics or monster magazines I might stop at a gas station to take a break with a Coke or Pepsi on the way home. There was one station that had one of those soft drink chillers where the bottles were immersed in ice cold water. Those bottles always seemed a lot colder then the ones in the vertical refrigerator cases other places had. I don't recall any machines that dispensed cans in my neighborhood back then.