Thursday, April 17, 2014

KFXM DJs April 1974

KFXM DJs Gary Roberts and Doug Collins from April 1974, 40 years ago.  These are the first two of eight KFXM DJ pictures
Thank you, John (From Fontana) for sending me copies



Anonymous said...

GR was no fan of DC. GR got physical with
our beloved Program Director, DC.
But then, GR had a weird and wild temper.
Most hesitated talking to him. He had his
good days; I guess when the meds
were available. Just a note in passing.

GR had a great voice and was great at that.
Otherwise, a time bomb.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, Collins could be a real Azole in pushing his agenda on many of the truly creative folks who worked there during his P.D. tenure.
GR was before my time, but DC definitely got in my face a time or two when that cocksure smug attitude of his almost got the best of my situation. At least, unlike GR, I always knew where the line was drawn for professional relationships in every station I worked at!

Anonymous said...

On the back page of this tune sheet are listed three dead celebrities:

Elvis Presley

Billy Preston

Dick Clark.

(don't know if Azteca band members are still with us)

Anonymous said...

The KFXM "Wanted" ads were published in the San Bernardino County Sun newspaper in April 1974.

John from Fontana (back then)