Tuesday, April 29, 2014

KFXM Website Returning

coments from John Bunnell

Anonymous said...
Well I guess it's time to get the KFXM website back on the net. Fortunately, I made copies of all the material for the website. Don Mc Coy and Dan Fox(on air as: Danny Dare)are working out the financial end. We are considering KFXM590.com to register the Domain Name.I'll have to rearrange to material But it will work.
The comments above are being done by John Bunnell. Yes, I'm back!

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Anonymous said...

Well, Don McCoy could probably buy the entire Internet, let alone splurge for just one website! And Danny Dare could provide great new copy for the re-envisioned T-Radio site.

John, how is your father, Bob Bunnell, doing these days?