Sunday, April 27, 2014

K/MEN Memorial Day 300 (1967-1972 Combo) PART 1

About 7 years ago, I posted an article I wrote about the K/MEN TOP 300 that was done in the late 60s and early 70s.   People voted, and K/MEN played the countdown Memorial Day Weekend.   Well I thought it would be a good time to repost, with a little revision.   Here's Part One.

K/MEN Soundathon Combo

From 1967 through 1972 K/MEN did a Top 300 Soundathon where the listeners sent in a list of their 5 favorite songs, and K/MEN tabulated them and played them back Memorial Day weekend.

There are 6 of these surveys that I have, 1967-1972. And as far as I know 1967 was the first year for the top 300. In 1962 there was a top 129 of all time they did, which is not included here..

Many years ago I went through the songs from the six surveys and assigned each song a value based on the number it ranked on each survey. I added up the totals for the seven years, and came up with my own survey.

I don’t remember the exact values I used for each song on each list.   But it went something like this. #300 received 1 point, #299 2 points, and so on. I know the top ten received bonus points, but I don't remember how many at this time.

Also, I did this before I had a computer, so it was all done with a calculator, pencil and paper.

I’m going to present my compilation from #129-#1, my Combo Best of the KMEN Soundathons.

129. Rock Around The Clock-Bill Haley & The Comets-One of the first big hits of rock & roll. Probably the oldest song on the survey.

128. I Got You Babe-Sonny & Cher-Their biggest hit and signature song.

127. Timothy-Buoys-People voted for this and I don’t understand why. If you haven't heard it, Timothy didn't fare too well by the end of the song.

126. Your Song-Elton John-His first hit and has survived from the oldies format to the classic hits format.  Johnny Helm has an interesting story behind this hit, so you might want to look him up on facebook.

125. Eleanor Rigby-Beatles-One side of a two sided hit in 1966.  The flip was Yellow Submarine.

124. Summer In The City-Lovin’ Spoonful-The hit John Sebastion and his brother wrote.  The Lovin' Spoonful's only #1 hit.

123. Groovin’-Young Rascals-A national #1 hit and a local #1 hit.  Always thought the lyric was " and me and Leslie..."

122. Lay Lady Lay-Bob Dylan-Not one of my favorite Bob Dylan songs at the time. I still preferred his earlier songs.  A hit from the Nashville Skyline album.

121. Going Out Of My Head-Little Anthony & The Imperials-A hit in 1964 when the British Invasion and rock and roll bands were big.

120. I Think I Love You-Partridge Family-Well, they were popular and this was their biggest hit, probably because of the huge success of the television show.  This was the catalyst for David Cassidy to jump start his career.
More coming later....


Shady Del Knight said...

I am eager to follow this countdown to #1. I grew up in Pennsylvania and put together a similar countdown. It will be instructive to note the type of records that were popular in your area and compare them with mine.

Anonymous said...

Right On, Shady man, you're the coolest chart-buff this side of the Atlantic!

Anonymous said...

Hey, that "Timothy" song, wasn't that about a cannibal who ate up a kid and then pooped him out or something like it?