Saturday, February 16, 2008

Everlasting Love on KFXM

Just a note from Johnny Helm about his Sunday show this week.

Doug, on your website, I've noticed a lot of chatter about the Love Affair version of "Everlasting Love", today between noon and 1pm pacific time, I'm going to play it at Just click on the meter, it will be played out of a fast KFXM jingle/with no talk........great song!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Johnny.
That's the way I like it.
Fast jingle followed by
It was thrilling to hear it that way again.
Yea, I'm obsessed with this sound.
Yea I get cheap thrills.

It would not work the same way
with the Robert Knight version.
Just didn't have the punch but
nonetheless a great production too.

Please do not play the Gloria
Estefan version. It would
depress everyone except Ricky
Ricardo fans.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Gloria Estefan is a BABE!
AND a faithful wife to her husband of many many years.

Anonymous said...

That's nice of Gloria to be
a great human being.

But, please, she should stay
away from remakes of great
oldies. They are awful.
Again, it's like listening
to Ricky Ricardo trying to
imitate something great.
Her renditions are awful
awful awful and painful to

Harley Davidson said...

I don't hear it. It sounds like the Robert Knight and Carl Carlton versions to me. Oh well. Perhaps when my streaming station hits the air, I'll join KFXM and play it too.