Thursday, February 21, 2008

February 16, 1973....35 Years Ago

#1 Daddys Home-Jermaine Jackson #1 Love Train-O'Jays

Hit Bound
Also Spach Zarathustra-Deodato
Future Hit
Follow Your Daughter Home-Guess Who I liked the Guess Who, but this song wasn't one of their best.
New feature coming next week. Personal Picks. Sound familiar?
How about the new guy, Denis Robins....
Someone had written in that the songs in 1973 were not the greatest. So looking at these charts, let me tell you which ones I would like to hear on the radio today. A few of these you do.
Love Train
Could It Be I'm Falling In Love
Last Song
Peaceful Easy Feelin
Cover of The Rolling Stone
Hi Hi Hi
I'm Just A Singer (In A Rock & Roll Band)
Call Me (Come Back Home)
Love Is What You Make It
Your Mama Don't Dance
Jesus Is Just Alright
Well that's 13 songs, other years surveys would definitely have a lot more for my list.
There is nothing on the surveys I really hate, just songs I just don't care for too much.
Anyone have any different opinions?


Anonymous said...

Yep not too many songs to
get excited about. Passable
but not the best.

Hang on, we'll make it
through 73 and most of 74
when DISCO exploded at
the end of 74.
Lasted till late 70s.
That music brought radio
excitement back.
Than came rap in the 80s.
It's been downhill since then!
Never did get back to listening
to the radio from 84 on.
As BB King would say "The
Thrill is Gone....gone away
for good"

Anonymous said...

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