Friday, February 29, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag March 1, 1968

At this time in 1968 Bonnie & Clyde became popular because of the movie with Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway. The picture looks nothing like the two actors.
People picture above.
October Country picture below.
Also above, appears to be the first picture of Jonny Bruce in the Tiger Mag, at The March Of Dimes show.
#1 I Love You-People
#2 Ballad Of Bonnie & Clyde-Georgie Fame
Personal Picks
Sookie Sookie-Steppenwolf before Born to Be Wild, before it was the flip side of Magic Carpet Ride
I think Spoonful-Cream should have been a hit, but it wasn't. It did get a lot of radio play.

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Anonymous said...

Larry Norman of "People" died last week at 60. I saw Sky Saxon here in Palm Springs a couple of years ago. Does anyone know what happened to "Daisy Chain" Jonny Bruce