Saturday, February 09, 2008

KFXM Tiger Mag Feb 9, 1968

Groups at The March Of Dimes Show: The Seeds, The Knack (60's group of course), October Country, Rivingtons, Merry-Go-Round, Caretakers, Count Five, Kenny O'Dell Picture of KFXM's new magazine.
Anyone get one of the Philco Record players?
TopSelling Albums February 1968. Beatles, Rolling Stones and Herb Alpert
Article about Miriam Makeba. Her hit Pata Pata
#1 Love Is Blue-Paul Mauriat, and up to #2 October Country
Biggest Debut Ballad Of Bonne & Clyde-Georgie Fame. I liked his earlier songs, Get Away and Yeh Yeh
Also Foggy Mountain Breakdown-Flatt & Scruggs, theme from the movie Bonnie & Clyde debuting at #36.
#39 I Love You-People This one I still like. It was a remake of a Zombies song.
Good Presonal Picks The Mignty Quinn-Manfred Mann, Everlasting Love-Love Affair
Instrumental Soul Coaxin'-Raymond LeFevre. It was played quite a bit this year, but didn't go too high on the charts.


Anonymous said...

I was there at the Purple Haze to see the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band show mentioned in the Ed GRrrrrr SEZ column. I just can't remember if I went on Friday or Saturday night...

John from Fontana (back then)

Anonymous said...

Affair is such a great song,
beginning to end! Period.
It just rocks throughout.
Looks like most that made
a remake of this, since
Robert Knight's original, has
made it good too.
Except for Gloria Estefan.
She ruins most songs.
Sounds more like Ricky Ricardo
doing imitations of good songs.
Anyway this has always always
been my favorite. Just play
a fast jingle and let it explode.

Johnny Helm said...

I totally agree, the Love Affair version is by leaps and bounds the best "Everlasting Love" ever recorded. Somehow this escaped most U.S. markets who played the Robert Knight cover instead. The Love Affair version was HUGE in England.

Anonymous said...

Robert Knight version came
along in October 1967 and did
well on it's own.
The Love Affair version came
along 3 months later.
It is such a great production

Always like to hear a fast KFXM
jingle followed by the Love
Affair version. It rocked
then and always will.

Anonymous said...

More on Love Affair's EVERLASTING
LOVE. I was listening to Rich Bro
Radio today on the internet.
I heard the song exactly as it
should be; Fast KHJ jingle and
the song played. It sounded
great, just the way I always
wanted to hear it on the radio.
It just exploded after that jingle.
Made MY day !!