Tuesday, February 26, 2008

KFXM and K/MEN 45 Years Ago Feb 22, 1963

K/men #1 Paradise/Indian Love Call-April Stevens/Nino Tempo

A good instrumental Wild Weekend-Rebels debut at #2 Another good instrumental Our Winter Love-Bill Pursell, in the top ten.

KFXM #1 Pipeline-Chantays
Van McCoy has a single in "wax to watch" a long time before The Hustle


Anonymous said...

"Don't Mention My Name" #18-#5
on KFXM and new-#9 on K/men.
Great record produced by Bob Crew
who did the 4 Seasons records.

Both stations playing "Softly In The Night" by the Cookies..the flip side of"Don't Say Nothin' Bad About My Baby".

Also notice KFXM's Bonus Pick is "I Only Have Eyes For You" this was the original flip side of "Amy"..It was later changed to "Goody Goody"

Anonymous said...

Van McCoy had a big hit in
the Summer of 1961 with
MR DJ. Big hit but only
in SoCal. Not even top100
nationwide. Nice slow song.
Between that and Disco days,
not much of hits to speak of.
THE HUSTLE became his biggest.

Anonymous said...

For the past 10 years Mr.DJ has been in hot rotation on the KDES nightime request show. Jonny Bruce

Anonymous said...

Amazing that would get played

I have a copy of the record.
Oddly enough I picked it up when
KFXM threw out a bunch of oldies
they would never play again.
That was about 40 years ago and
got it from one of the Tiger Tots.
He had boxes and didn't know what
most of them were. I did and
picked up these records played
by the DJs. I was impressed by
the fact these were the same songs
I heard on the radio and now
I'm holding them in my hand.

It's on Rock'n Records.
Van McCoy wrote the song.
I think he died a few years ago.