Sunday, February 24, 2008

K/mentertainer Feb 24, 1968

Interesting note. Russ O'Hara is on K/MEN at this time in 1968, and Jonny Bruce is on KFXM this time in 1968. Currently both are in Palm Springs on KDES 104.7. There is a rumor going around about KDES changing frequencies. Anyone have any information about that?
The Beatles talk about Mediatation with the Maharishi, who just recently passed away.
The Beatles also have the top two albums.
Keep it on K/MEN 129
Love Is Blue 5th week #1
Hit Bound (kind of)
Anyone else out there like Jennifer Eccles by The Hollies
but there is Mighty Quinn-Manfred Mann and Young Girl-Union Gap that are really Hit Bound


Anonymous said...

Heck yea, love JENNIFFER
ECCLES by the Hollies.
Wasn't a big hit but such
a great tune. It moves!

I see they haven't flipped
Union Gap song yet. YOUNG
GIRL will become the A side
really soon. The side they
are playing is a fluke.

Anonymous said...

Yes, KDES will move to 98.5 after the FCC approves the move of 104.7 to Redlands. 104.7 has been purchased by Liberman Broadcasting and will go Spanish once moved to Redlands. KDES has purchased KWXY and that format will be moved to 1340AM. The talk format on 1340 will go to 1450. The application to move 104.7 to Redlands will take at least a year to be o.k'd. Jonny Bruce

Anonymous said...

The KDES SHUFFLE sounds more like
"who's on 3rd".

But thank you Jonny for the