Thursday, February 14, 2008

KFXM and K/MEN 45 Years Ago Feb 8, 1963

KMEN has a tie for #1 this week Walk Like A Man -Four Seasons and Hey Paula-Paul & Paula
Walk Like A Man stands alone on KFXM as #1 Yes they still are puting the DJs pictures on the K/mentertainer. I only have a photocopy this month.
Honorable K/mention How about Billy My Billy-Crystalettes (a smaller version of the Crystals?)
New this week. Elvis Presley has One Broken Heart For Sale on both stations.

" Wax To Watch" I Saw Me -Wink Martindale I'm In LoveAgain/That's All-Rick Nelson Teardrops Fall Lile Rain-Crickets

New guy on KFXM Ronnie Gorman


Anonymous said...

I notice 1 song that is on the
KMEN top 10 and nowhere to
be found on the FAB59 chart.

It's a favorite of mine.
Ribbons. Always loved this
song and still play it often.

What happened? Charts highly one
one station and not even played on
another in the same city.

Anonymous said...

In 1968 it was in the oldies library at KFXM and I played it a few times thru 1970. Jonny Bruce

KFXM Tiger Radio & K/MEN 129 in Doug's Stuff Room said...

Checked the older KFXM surveys. Dec 8-14, 1962 Aint Gonna Kiss You-Ribbons was listed under "Wax To Watch". The only week on the KFXM survey.

Anonymous said...

"Ain't Gonna Kiss Ya" peaked at
#10 on KRLA and # 16 on KFWB the first week of Febuary 1963.

Anonymous said...

In 1968 the PD of K/MEN,Dave McCormick, refused to play "Yummy Yummy" because it came out right when Bobby Kennedy was killed.....he thought it was in poor taste. I agree with that decision. We never played it and that's one reason why K?MEN was dominate at that time in the adult "share" of audience.
Johnny Helm

Anonymous said...

#2 on KFXM and #3 on K/MEN

Both Sides.

Paradise/Indian Love Call by April & Nino

This record is still climbing in The Inland Empire on Feb 8, 1963.

It never charted on Billboards Hot 100..but was huge in So.Cal.

Both KRLA & KFWB played "Paradise"
but not Indian Love Call.

Anonymous said...

OK. I'm lost regarding
YUMMY YUMMY. What's the
connection to Kennedy at the
time he got shot?
It was bugglegum music.
That made it bad??
Splain, Ricky.