Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Last Surveys

The final days of the of The Top Ten on KMEN.

1973 was the last year K/MEN published a survey on a weekly basis.
A couple years earlier...
The last surveys called the K/mentertainer were published December 1971.
and before that...
The last newspaper style K/mentertainers were published February 1971.

it was not quite the end.

In September 1979 the last K/mentertaner that contained a survey was published. By reading it, it would have appeared to be introducing the first of a new series of K/mentertainers. Never saw another one. This contained the last K/MEN-DOUS TEN (now, if anyone has seen any more of this series, please let me know)

Still not the end.

In 1982 there was another K/mentertainer published to celebrate KMEN's 20th anniversary. NO SURVEY, just some new articles, and reprints from old K/mentertainers. I've featured some of the photocopies of pages in prior years when mentioning K/men reunions. It did show the current lineup of the K/men at the time. Unfortunately I don't have an original.

Coming soon....
The 1979 K/mentertainer.

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