Saturday, February 16, 2008

K/MEN and a garage sale and the 35th Anniversary

Back in 1997 K/men had a day on the air to celebrate the 35th Anniversary of K/MEN radio. That day jocks from 1962 to 1997 met at the K/men studio and reminisced about days gone by. I remember one of the djs saying something about Johnny Darin and how he put his name on a Mojo Men single claiming it as his. I don't remember why or who said it, but it was said.

Today I decided to go to a garage sale, because of an ad mentioning 45 rpm records. When I got there there were 6-7 boxes. The person holding the garage sale told me he all the records were owned by a former dj from K/men.
I bought a couple of singles and a few albums. Among them were the following.
Notice the Mojo K/men. Now you can see the record that was mentioned on that 35th Anniversary Show. What kind of odds is it of finding something like this? Also this interesting SWAN Records compilation which appears to have been used at the station.


Anonymous said...

In the "early days" of K/MEN, the jocks would put labels on the records to show who first played the song and the date it was first aired. This was done so the jocks could "brag" about being first in the Inland Empire to play a particular song. Some of these records were given away in contests. I have an original copy of "You Won't Forget Me" by Jackie DeShannon with a Bill Watson Sticker and another sticker that reads August 29, 1962. This record never was a big hit nationally, but did fairly well in Southern California. By the way, this particular record was an "advanced" pressing as it has a plain white label which is totally hand-written with the Title and Artist's name. Thanks for the Memories of my early years living in Riverside!

I really enjoy visiting this website.

Tom Mulvaney
Lexington, KY

Anonymous said...

Yea that's a nice find

If nothing else, for
us collectors.

Now you can say that you are
holding the physical 45 you
heard on the radio.

I know KFXM used to put all
new clean copies of the hits for
the jocks every week.
Did KMEN do that?